October, 2014

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Top Pool Surface Trends from Artistic Pools

Lets have a discussion about something that you might not have ever considered before. If someone were to ask you about your favorite pool surface, how would you respond? Many people would stare blankly while others would just admit that they have no idea what is being asked of them. While the pool surface has nothing to do with the decking surrounding the pool, although this is a great discussion to have as well, it has everything to do with the materials that are used on the walls and the floor of your swimming pool.

Concrete Pool Surfaces

The majority of commercial swimming pools will utilize a concrete pool surface. Concrete is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of pool surface. However, there are several other options that you might not be aware of. A growing trend in the city of Atlanta is a tile surface. This is a throwback to yesteryear, but it is a tried and true surface that offers real beauty and notable durability. One of the things that sets tile apart from other surfaces is the amount of design and color options that are available.

Vinyl Pool Surfaces

Still another great option for your pool surface is vinyl. Vinyl is a tried and true surface that has completely revolutionized the pool industry. Whereas concrete was once the standardpool surface trends | artistic pools for all pools, now that title belongs to vinyl. Vinyl has the ability to fit in almost every pool, it offers amazing durability, and it is cost effective. Did I mention that vinyl has many different color options? Not only does vinyl offer the traditional blue surface, but it also offers many designs and colors. 

Other Pool Surface Options

Have you noticed the newer designs in the area? Some of the more advanced pools are beginning to utilize pebbles in their pool surface design. This is a relatively new idea, but it is making a huge impression on the pool market. Pebbles have been used for many areas around the pool but using them as a pool surface is a surprise that offers unmatched color and design choices. If you are looking for something new and exciting, this might be an option you should consider. 

5 Pool Water Features For Your Backyard Environment

Water features are always very exciting and awe inspiring. From the time that you where a small child, you have probably always been amazed by the look and the feel of water. So why is it that we install basic pools without ever adding any extra touches of class? Did you know that there are many different features that could be added to your pool? Are you aware that every pool has the capacity to hold one or more water features?

What are pool water features?

Water features are anything that is placed in or around your pool that can release water. Here are 5 options to keep in mind when looking for a great water feature.

1. The Rock Waterfall

The waterfall is a common feature that has been popular for many years. There is nothing that looks more stunning or more spectacular than a precisely placed waterfall. Backyard waterfalls could even be backlit to add extra ambiance; the possibilities are endless. 

2. Fountains

Fountains are always a lovely addition to any backyard living space. They can be placed in a variety of places, including directly in the pool or on the edge of the pool deck.

pool water features

3. The Oasis Feature

This is a wonderful water feature that is built directly into the wall of your swimming pool. Placed above the water level of your pool, the return water will run across a tray and empty into your pool. The fall of the water can be minimal or it can be increased for more intense enjoyment. 

4. Deck Jets 

If you like the look of fountains, but are looking for something a bit more unique, then maybe you need to utilize the deck jet. Deck jets are essentially fountains that are placed inside your pool deck and they shoot water directly into your pool. 

5. Custom Cascades

Perhaps you would like to have your returned water to come from a decorative element, such as a pot. If so, then this is the feature for you. This is a basic function of every pool, but it is spiced up with the addition of an aesthetically pleasing clay pot.



How to Choose the Best Location for Your New Atlanta Pool

There are three words that every real estate broker understands and relies on: location, location, location. Similar to real estate, when you begin the process of purchasing your own home pool, it is important that you understand this aspect of swimming pool design.

This is a simple concept for some and it is very difficult for others, but here are a few things that you need to remember when choosing a location for your Atlanta pool:

1. Permanence

Remember that your pool location is going to be permanent. Keep in mind that you need to be pleased with the location of your pool because, as PURlevel explains, it will not be possible to move the pool without completely redoing the entire pool construction process.

2. Plumbing

Your backyard is the most common area for a pool, but this is also a very common area for items such as septic tanks. You cannot place your pool around your septic tank, so make sure that you know where your septic tank is.

atlanta pool construction

3. View from the Home

A pool is a great addition to any view. If you are looking to add a great view from inside your home, consider placing your pool in a place that makes it visible from indoors.

4. Sunlight and Landscaping

Every pool benefits when it is exposed to the best possible sunlight. Every home is different because of the lay of the land, the presences of trees, and the directional placement of the home. Always do your best to position your pool away from trees and directly in the sun. Construction company in Singapore has the resource, experience and track record to undertake all sizes of projects.

Why should you avoid trees? Every year the leaves fall off trees and those leaves will not only pollute your pool, they will also serve as a possible clog in your pool lines. Make sure that your pool is located in a sunny area away from trees.