April, 2015

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Is a Salt Water Pool Right for You?

Since people are focusing more on trying to be “green” and healthier, they may be looking towards their pools. Salt water pools claim to be more environmentally friendly, easier to maintain, and provide a healthier option to traditional chlorine pools; however, whether installing a new pool or converting an existing pool, you will need to decide, “Is a salt water pool for you?”

Is a Salt Water Pool Right For You? | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Credit: Artistic Pools

Salt water pools are the same as traditional pools except they are fitted with a system called a chlorine generator. The chlorine generator filters salt (sodium chloride) through electrolysis to separate the chlorine from the sodium. The chlorine is then dispersed into the water at levels considered more tolerable than traditional chlorine systems. The chemical reaction also creates sanitizing byproducts that help keep the pool water safer to swim in.

Salt water pools have become increasingly popular and have been used by hotels, resorts, and water parks since they were developed.

Benefits include:

  • Possibly reduced maintenance time and costs.
  • Limited storage of chemicals that can be hazardous.
  • Water with a more natural and improved feel.
  • Lower chlorine levels meaning reduced irritation to eyes and skin.
  • Lower chlorine levels also result in reduced chemical odors. Your pool will smell like clean salt water at the beach!

However, there are always drawbacks to consider when planning a new pool or pool conversion. Drawbacks include:

  • Salt water pools are costly to install and repair.
  • Maintenance schedules and schedules for adding salt will vary based on use and region.
  • Different systems require different salt compounds or additional chemicals to keep the water safe.
  • Salt is a corrosive and will damage the rubber seals, tile, concrete, etc… over time. It can also damage furniture or fixtures in the area.
  • There are still chemicals in your pool so it’s not completely “green.”

Swimming pools provide a healthier and more active lifestyle whether they are the traditional chlorinated pools or a new salt water pool, but can be difficult to maintain. When making your decision, consider the benefits and drawbacks to determine if a salt water pool for you.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for You

Kick back and relax with outdoor furniture that fits your particular taste and comfort levels.  There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture choices available for you. Be sure to consider:

  • How well does the furniture withstand the elements?
  • Will the furniture be in the sun for a large part of the day?
  • How hot will the furniture be if I sit down on a summer day?
  • Is the furniture kid friendly?
  • What colors and designs are available?
  • Should I be concerned about moisture with rain, dew, and poolside splashing?
  • How much maintenance will be required?
Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for You | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

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All of these questions are very important to ask when looking at outdoor furniture options.  Below are some ideas to get you started on your hunt:

To the Beach – To remind you of waves splashing and beautiful sunsets, consider a beach-themed outdoor furniture design.  You can use wicker, sea shells and natural woods combined with fabrics that are light green, tan or sea foam blue.

Big parties – For those who love to entertain, consider having outdoor furniture to accommodate a lot of guests without over-crowding your entertainment area.  Choose bar stools, lounges, and even large bed-lounges as well as cushioned chairs and tables for dining or socializing.

Dark wood – For the feel of a remote lodge, opt for dark wood or rustic outdoor furniture that surrounds a fire feature.  This provides a cozy setting for intimate gatherings.

Cushions – Consider durable fabrics that can be easily rinsed or cleaned but still have comfort and an attractive design.  Large cushions are always a hit for guests, and you can use numerous small cushions in a variety of ways to decorate around your outdoor patio or pool.

Bar Area – You can have an island tiki bar or a very solid yet friendly bar that allows people to stand or sit on stools depending on their preference.  The bar could be built-in or a stand-alone unit if you like.

Different Materials – There are several materials to choose from, the most popular being teak, redwood, cedar, iron, and wicker.  Create a foundation that is consistent and then add variances of colors where appropriate.

Wheels – Adding wheels to your furniture can help you to organize and re-design on a whim.  Plus the wheels make it easy to move furniture to safety in the event of a storm.

 5 Design Trends for Ultimate Backyard Entertaining

Are you ready to make backyard entertaining something to remember?  Consider some innovative landscape design trends that will wow your guests!

5 Design Trends for Ultimate Backyard Entertaining  | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Credit: Image From Archive

Swim Up Bar

Pool-side bars are always a hit.  Why not take it up a notch by installing a swim-up bar?  You can keep the party hopping inside the pool and create some terrific conversation as well.  If you have an existing pool, consult with a professional on how best to install a swim-up bar.  Be sure to consider the plumbing requirements, storage, electrical needs and trash disposal.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Gathering around a fire is a primal instinct.  You can add a fire pit to your landscape or have a hearth with a fireplace as part of your outdoor living design.  Fire is a great conversation starter and it helps to keep insects away.

Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing says summer like a good barbecue. A custom outdoor kitchen barbecuing possible year round, in any weather. Outdoor kitchens can be designed around every budget range. Whether you create an extended patio with stone floors, custom cabinetry and granite countertops, or simply repurpose a pergola into a dining and food-prep area with a grill, furniture and a refrigerator- outdoor kitchens create the perfect gathering place for food lovers and make dining el fresco possible throughout the year.

Backyard Cinemas

If you’ve ever been to a drive in movie, you know first-hand the unique pleasure of watching a movie outdoors. With portable screens and projectors more affordable that ever, it’s easy to create a cinematic experience in your own backyard. Entertain your guests with summer classics like Jaws and The Beach while they float in the pool, or gather the kids around a campfire to make s’mores while watching the latest Disney movie. Backyard cinemas create a unique party experience that guests of all ages will love!

Water and Rocks

Nothing creates a mood quite like moving water. Whether you have a pool or choose stand-alone water features, these landscape options bring tranquility and relaxation to your backyard. Fountains, ponds and other types of water features are relatively easy to maintain and install to give your landscape a boost. Stones and rocks of various shapes and sizes can be incorporated into your landscape design to create texture and contrast and make for a perfect focal point and conversation piece.