September, 2015

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Which Pool Cover is Right for You?

Having a pool in your backyard can provide endless enjoyment and opportunities for a healthier lifestyle, but it also requires maintenance and introduces safety issues. Selecting the right pool cover will help reduce maintenance and eliminate safety concerns. You just need to decide which pool cover is right for you.

Which Pool Cover is Right for You? | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

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According to Plymouth mesh fabrics, there are several factors to consider when determining which pool cover is right for you. You will need to consider budget, pool shape, pool placement, and safety concerns.

Pool covers come in a variety of fabrications, sizes, and installation methods. These all affect the price of the pool cover. Manufacturers provide a budget line in a thinner gauge vinyl or mesh. These options are less sturdy, but will provide protection from leaves and debris while also providing some safety for small children and pets. Economy options come in specific sizes and shapes based on your needs, but are not going to provide adequate coverage for custom pool shapes. They are tied down with anchors, but the thinner material will be more mobile than solid covers and allow small pets or debris to get underneath.

If you require a more secure pool cover or a cover that fits a custom shape, you can expect a much higher price tag. Heavy duty pool covers are much more costly, but are much safer. They are constructed of materials that are solid and can hold adult weight easily, making them perfect if you have small children, wandering pets, or stray animals in the area. Heavy duty safety pool covers will fasten to the deck or patio around the pool with anchors making them more secure. These options also provide additional protection from the sun which prohibits algae growth reducing maintenance costs.

Another pool cover option is solar covers. These do not provide safety for small children or pets, but are an economical option for protecting the water and limiting the amount of debris that enters the pool. Solar covers can be mounted on a roll at the end of the pool and pulled across the pool in the evening to trap heat and limit debris falling into the pool. There are also solar cover discs that can be placed in the pool and configured for custom shapes and hot tubs.

There are many options of pool covers available. You will need to consider your needs and determine which pool cover is right for you.


Top 5 Design Features for a Sleek and Modern Pool Style

Are you interested in designing a pool that has a sleek, modern aesthetic? Most modern pools are minimalistic, which means that the challenge is not determining what to add but an antiquing find from us here will show you to keep the look sleek and simple. As you put together plans for your new pool, consider the following 5 design features for a sleek and modern pool style.

5 Design Features for a Sleek and Modern Pool Style | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Credit: Artistic Pools

Minimal Pool Features

Most luxury custom home builder in Naples FL delineating the blueprint achieve their sleek style with very simple pool features. This is not the time to install large water slides, rock grottos, and tiki torches. There are a number of modern pools that have nothing more than a few tasteful pieces of patio furniture on the deck and maybe some simple lighting. If you do want to add something to the pool and the surrounding space, consider unique underwater lighting and single stream fountains or small water flows as opposed to large flowing waterfalls.

Understated, Classic Pool Lighting

When you are designing a sleek, modern pool, you should look for classic pool lighting choices that are subtle but still provide ample lighting for pool and patio activities. Consider symmetrical fire pits, ambient floating candles, and simple torch lights. Keep in mind that understated does not necessarily mean small. For example, there are large fire pits with very modern styles.

Simple Modern Patio Furniture

As you put together a modern pool space, it is important to remember that pool space exists for rest and relaxation. As such, pool patio furniture should promote peace and comfort. Look for enticing lounge chairs, wicker pieces with large cushions, simple wooden furniture, and glass patio tables with neutral umbrellas.

Modern Deck Surface

The most important aspect of choosing a deck material and design is that they coordinate with the house and landscaping. This process ensures that the entire property will have a cohesive modern aesthetic. If you do not take the time to do this, a modern pool may look out of place in its setting.

Geometric Pool Shape

A geometric pool shape can help to create a sleek and streamlined design. Rectangular is the prominent shape for modern pool designs and remain a classic pool shape. As long as you continue to update the surrounding pool elements on a regular basis, you’ll be able to maintain a modern, geometric pool for many years.