Experienced Atlanta Pool Builders with a Reputation for Excellence


A swimming pool makes a statement. Whether the pool is the focal point for family activities, business entertainment or physical exercise, it states that the homeowner enjoys life to the fullest. A well-designed pool is more than a refreshing diversion on a hot summer day. It ties together the owner’s lifestyle, home and exterior landscaping in a finely crafted statement that suggests elegance and success. A Master Pool by Artistic Pools states that the homeowner truly enjoys the finer things in life.

Quality Pool Construction, Award-Winning Designs

Artistic Pools has been designing and installing award-winning residential pools all over North Georgia and East Tennessee for over 59 years. We are proud of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into the design and construction of our pools.

We have served over 7,000+ customers in the past 59 years. Their referrals of friends and business associates is proof of the high standards in which we conduct our business and the customer service we offer. They know that an Artistic Pool is designed and built according to the highest standards set by the industry and the Master Pools Guild. They also know that creativity, care and planning are included in every gunite swimming pool that bears our logo.

Luxury Pools for Some of Georgia’s Finest Residences

Though we have won more awards and honors for our pools than any other pool company in the Southeast, the strongest testimony for our work can be found in the homes of Georgia’s most successful doctors, lawyers and business executives. We have built custom designed pools for the chairmen, CEO’s and board members of Georgia’s prominent companies. We are proud that many sports and entertainment celebrities who live in Atlanta have an Artistic Pool in their back yard, whether it be a traditional home, an estate or even the Georgia Governor’s Mansion!

We invite you to dive into our site where you will see many examples of our creations and learn more about our company and the services we offer.