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Top 5 Design Features for a Sleek and Modern Pool Style

Are you interested in designing a pool that has a sleek, modern aesthetic? Most modern pools are minimalistic, which means that the challenge is not determining what to add but an antiquing find from us here will show you to keep the look sleek and simple. As you put together plans for your new pool, consider the following 5 design features for a sleek and modern pool style.

5 Design Features for a Sleek and Modern Pool Style | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Credit: Artistic Pools

Minimal Pool Features

Most luxury custom home builder in Naples FL delineating the blueprint achieve their sleek style with very simple pool features. This is not the time to install large water slides, rock grottos, and tiki torches. There are a number of modern pools that have nothing more than a few tasteful pieces of patio furniture on the deck and maybe some simple lighting. If you do want to add something to the pool and the surrounding space, consider unique underwater lighting and single stream fountains or small water flows as opposed to large flowing waterfalls.

Understated, Classic Pool Lighting

When you are designing a sleek, modern pool, you should look for classic pool lighting choices that are subtle but still provide ample lighting for pool and patio activities. Consider symmetrical fire pits, ambient floating candles, and simple torch lights. Keep in mind that understated does not necessarily mean small. For example, there are large fire pits with very modern styles.

Simple Modern Patio Furniture

As you put together a modern pool space, it is important to remember that pool space exists for rest and relaxation. As such, pool patio furniture should promote peace and comfort. Look for enticing lounge chairs, wicker pieces with large cushions, simple wooden furniture, and glass patio tables with neutral umbrellas.

Modern Deck Surface

The most important aspect of choosing a deck material and design is that they coordinate with the house and landscaping. This process ensures that the entire property will have a cohesive modern aesthetic. If you do not take the time to do this, a modern pool may look out of place in its setting.

Geometric Pool Shape

A geometric pool shape can help to create a sleek and streamlined design. Rectangular is the prominent shape for modern pool designs and remain a classic pool shape. As long as you continue to update the surrounding pool elements on a regular basis, you’ll be able to maintain a modern, geometric pool for many years.

Enhance Your Atlanta Pool with These Popular Water Features

For many home owners, installing a pool is more than simply picking a location for a rectangular square. There are a wide variety of possibilities for enhancing your pool with popular water features. From deck jets to wading pools to splash pads, there is something for every pool owner.

Enhance Your Pool Design with These Popular Water Features (deck jets, bubblers, etc.) | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Credit: Image From Archive

Deck Jets

Deck jets are installed flush and out of sight without unattractive or dangerous screws or edges. The streams of water seem to appear magically from the pool deck, creating graceful arcs of water that hit the pool with gentle splashes. Many deck jets offer adjustable height and water direction for easy customization in any pool setting. Point your jets in all different directions or concentrate the streams into a single entry point.


When you are considering enhancing your pool with popular water features, you may be noticing various features in other pools. Think about how many times you’ve looked longingly at a gorgeous pool waterfall. Now you may be able to make it a reality. Are you looking for a natural waterfall with water cascading down large rocks or a modern waterfall with flows against a stone surface? There are lots of beautiful waterfalls designed specifically for pools with varying aesthetics and flows.

Fountains or Bubblers

If you are looking for a water feature for your pool and aren’t convinced that deck jets or waterfalls are right for you, think about fountains. A simple bubbling or upward spray in the middle of a rectangular pool or at the edge of a spa area can make a beautiful focal point. Do you want symmetry in your pool? Consider putting a fountain at either end of the rectangular space.

Wading Pools or Spa Areas

A wading pool or spa area can offer fun for the whole family. When there are young children using a pool, they can play safely in a wading space while in close proximity to the rest of the family. After children have outgrown a wading pool, it is easy to transform the space into a cozy environment for small groups at parties or a romantic space for couples.

Splash Pads

Many people choose splash pads as a cheap alternative to a full pool, but they can also make a great addition to a pool. Splash pads are easy to install and require a minimal amount of maintenance without the need for additional pool fences, insurance, or alarms.

Top Pool Surface Trends from Artistic Pools

Lets have a discussion about something that you might not have ever considered before. If someone were to ask you about your favorite pool surface, how would you respond? Many people would stare blankly while others would just admit that they have no idea what is being asked of them. While the pool surface has nothing to do with the decking surrounding the pool, although this is a great discussion to have as well, it has everything to do with the materials that are used on the walls and the floor of your swimming pool.

Concrete Pool Surfaces

The majority of commercial swimming pools will utilize a concrete pool surface. Concrete is one of the oldest and most trusted forms of pool surface. However, there are several other options that you might not be aware of. A growing trend in the city of Atlanta is a tile surface. This is a throwback to yesteryear, but it is a tried and true surface that offers real beauty and notable durability. One of the things that sets tile apart from other surfaces is the amount of design and color options that are available.

Vinyl Pool Surfaces

Still another great option for your pool surface is vinyl. Vinyl is a tried and true surface that has completely revolutionized the pool industry. Whereas concrete was once the standardpool surface trends | artistic pools for all pools, now that title belongs to vinyl. Vinyl has the ability to fit in almost every pool, it offers amazing durability, and it is cost effective. Did I mention that vinyl has many different color options? Not only does vinyl offer the traditional blue surface, but it also offers many designs and colors. 

Other Pool Surface Options

Have you noticed the newer designs in the area? Some of the more advanced pools are beginning to utilize pebbles in their pool surface design. This is a relatively new idea, but it is making a huge impression on the pool market. Pebbles have been used for many areas around the pool but using them as a pool surface is a surprise that offers unmatched color and design choices. If you are looking for something new and exciting, this might be an option you should consider. 

How to Choose the Best Location for Your New Atlanta Pool

There are three words that every real estate broker understands and relies on: location, location, location. Similar to real estate, when you begin the process of purchasing your own home pool, it is important that you understand this aspect of swimming pool design.

This is a simple concept for some and it is very difficult for others, but here are a few things that you need to remember when choosing a location for your Atlanta pool:

1. Permanence

Remember that your pool location is going to be permanent. Keep in mind that you need to be pleased with the location of your pool because, as PURlevel explains, it will not be possible to move the pool without completely redoing the entire pool construction process.

2. Plumbing

Your backyard is the most common area for a pool, but this is also a very common area for items such as septic tanks. You cannot place your pool around your septic tank, so make sure that you know where your septic tank is.

atlanta pool construction

3. View from the Home

A pool is a great addition to any view. If you are looking to add a great view from inside your home, consider placing your pool in a place that makes it visible from indoors.

4. Sunlight and Landscaping

Every pool benefits when it is exposed to the best possible sunlight. Every home is different because of the lay of the land, the presences of trees, and the directional placement of the home. Always do your best to position your pool away from trees and directly in the sun. Construction company in Singapore has the resource, experience and track record to undertake all sizes of projects.

Why should you avoid trees? Every year the leaves fall off trees and those leaves will not only pollute your pool, they will also serve as a possible clog in your pool lines. Make sure that your pool is located in a sunny area away from trees.

Top Pool Decking Trends Atlanta Homeowners Love

While it cannot be denied that Atlanta homeowners love their swimming pools, there is a huge debate regarding the best pool decking.

If you have made the decision to install a swimming pool, then you have undoubtedly discovered that there are many different types of pool decking materials available. With so many different trends and materials, which is the best? Each person has a different taste when it comes to proper pool decking, but in an effort to highlight this most important pool aspect, lets take a few moments and discuss some of the possibilities that you could look at for your future pool deck surface.

image from archive

The most common pool deck material is concrete. Concrete has been used for thousands of years and it has become the standard for most budget pool installations. Not only is this material readily available, but it is also relatively easy for the contractor to install. Most contractors are comfortable working with this material and this may lead them to push for concrete more often.

While basic concrete is very common, it is somewhat boring and it might not add to the look that you are hoping to achieve. If you like the strength of concrete, but you would prefer a more desirable look, stamped concrete might be an option. Stamped concrete is a great pool deck option that many in the area are falling in love with. There are many options when it comes to color and pattern as well.

Another great pool decking material found in the Atlanta area is natural stone. This could include stones such as granite, flagstone, or smaller quartz stones. Natural stone is a great way to add a special touch to your project and it has a unique ability to blend with the surrounding landscape.

Building a Tropical Lagoon Style Pool

Have you ever noticed the beautiful pools, spas, and lagoons that accompany almost every vacation destination and wanted to have that same look and feel in your own home? Don’t think that this is something that only the rich and famous can have. It is very possible for you to have your own personal, lagoon-style pool at your home.

If this has ever been a desire on your part, here are a few things that you might consider when designing your lagoon style pool:

Every lagoon needs to have a relaxed and restful feeling, so great lagoon style pools are not about flash and pizzazz. This allows for the pool builder to bypass the flashy light and audio systems and embrace the functional elements. One of the biggest attractions to the lagoon style pool is the complete pool/spa combination. Have you ever experienced the feel of a warm, soothing hot tub accompanied by the sudden plunge into a cool, crisp pool? It’s simply irresistible.

lagoon style pool

One of the best features in the site plan of most lagoon style pools is the incorporation of water features and exterior landscaping. Water features might include rock waterfalls, fountains, and even a lazy river. However the water itself is not all that makes the lagoon. A great tropical retreat in your own backyard needs to have the feel of a tropical paradise. How can this be accomplished? Through ground covering, trees, and shrubs along the patio and walkways.

We are proud of the lagoon style pools that we have built and we are certain that you will not find a better project anywhere. Not only are our lagoon style pools very accommodating, but also they are world-renowned. Trust us with the dream that you have for a spectacular, tropical paradise. Call today and start the process of building your very own tropical paradise. 

Create a Spa Resort Pool in Your Own Backyard with These 5 Design Features

Do you enjoy staying at spa resorts on your vacations? Are you ready to bring that experience home and create a spa resort pool in your backyard? It is not difficult to transform a standard pool plan into a plan that closely resembles that of a spa resort with just a few important design features. As you create a spa resort pool in your backyard, consider the following options.

Create a Spa Resort Pool in Your Own Backyard with These 5 Design Features | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

Tiki Torches and a Fire Pit

Tiki torches are a fun outdoor accessory. They are readily available at big box stores and large hardware stores that have outdoor departments. You can select the size and quantity of tiki torches that best fits your yard. Many people also choose to include a fire pit in close proximity to a pool to offer the full spa resort experience. Look for backyard fire pits with a natural stone or wood aesthetic.

Waterfalls and Fountains

There are a number of different fountains or bubblers on the market with something for every pool owner. Most likely your options will be determined by the size and shape of your pool. Do you have the space and the budget for a waterfall or even multiple waterfalls? You will wow people at every backyard party with pool waterfalls.

Wading Pool or Spa Area

One aspect of spa resort pools that many people enjoy and cannot find elsewhere is a wading area. Why not include this versatile, highly sought after pool feature with your own spa resort pool? This separate space provides a safe play area for children, a cozy setting for smaller groups, and an intimate environment for couples.

Large Rocks and a Natural Deck or Patio Surface

Many spa resort pools prominently feature groups of large rocks or a grotto as well as a natural stone deck or patio surface. Large rocks lend themselves naturally to multiple pool levels that can include waterfalls and stairways. There are many popular pool deck and patio designs that are available in stone. Make sure to select a deck surface that is cool to the touch on hot days and is slip resistant.

Bridges and Stairways

Do you have the space for larger pool features? Do you have a pool with multiple levels (i.e. a waterfall that flows into the main pool)? Bridges and stairways are perfect components for these spa resort pools. Both features come in wood, concrete, and stone.

How to Choose the Right Chattanooga Pool Shape

Swimming pools have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. It would seem that people have always had an affinity for lounging in or near the water. Perhaps it is our innate desire to be close to a water source, or maybe it has everything to do with the need to unwind. Regardless of what the real motivation is, people love to swim. 

If you have considered having a swimming pool installed in your backyard living environment, there are many different questions that you have. One of the most common questions that people have is in regards to the actual shape of the pool. Many people are unsure about the many possibilities that await them when it comes to construction and design of their new swimming pool. The reality is that swimming pools are as diverse as the people that love them.

Chattanooga pool design

The most common shape for swimming pools is the basic rectangle. This is an old design that harkens back to the Greco-Roman era. This classic design has been installed in thousands of areas around the globe, but it is not the only option that you have. Did you know that you could have a circular pool, or even a diamond shaped pool? Many customers have opted for a “kidney” shaped pool that has no sharp corners. Perhaps you are not interested in having a basic design. If this is you, we are proud to offer custom designed pools as well. Central Penn Contracting for York County commercial cleaning will offer the most suitable cleaning option.

So how do you choose the right design? Much of this discussion is going to be based on the preference of the homeowner. However there are other issues that must be looked at as well. For example, you might have a small or oddly shaped yard. In this case, the custom design might be best for you. Maybe you would like to have your pool encompass your entire backyard. Whatever you like, we have a design just for you.


5 of Our Favorite Modern Atlanta Pool Designs

Our Atlanta area swimming pools are both unique and beautiful. Some of the best projects we have completed have a modern feel that transforms a backyard into a spa oasis.

atlanta swimming pool designs

Here is a closer look at five or our favorite modern Atlanta pool designs:

Take a few minutes to browse these pools to get inspiration for your upcoming backyard project. 

The Double Decker

This beautiful pool spans two levels so you can sit and soak your feet in the shallow area or allow children to play safely away from the deeper water. The separated levels give the pool a modern feel and a great aesthetic that goes perfectly with the landscaping. 

The Waterfall Oasis

When you first see this pool, you immediately notice the waterfall feature on the far side. As the water quietly cascades down the rocks, it creates a peaceful vibe that continues through the entire design. On the other end of the swimming pool, there is a fountain feature, perfect for kids to splash and play. Tucked in the corner, a hot tub promises long soaks and the ultimate luxury for mom and dad while they watch their kids swim.

Where Turtles Play

This playful design is perfect for a home or community pool. As you wade into the shallow end, the cheerful turtle designs will be a great reminder that you are officially ready to rest and recuperate. Plus the kids will love following the turtles as they step down into the water to go for a swim!

Triple Fountains

If you are looking for something totally unique, this pool design might be perfect for your backyard. Three fountains filled with river rocks create cascading waterfalls into the pool. Sit beneath the stream for a gentle massage or just enjoy the sound of the falling water as you float in the water.

A Small Piece of Paradise

If you don’t have a lot of room for your Chattanooga pool, this layout might be the answer. Though the pool isn’t very large, the waterfall feature gives it the look of an upscale spa. It is both elegant and functional to create the perfect outdoor paradise for a warm summer night.


What is Pool Coping?

Swimming pool coping is essential to the structure of the pool and adds a touch of class and beauty to the pool itself, but what is coping? Coping is the material that is used to cap the pool shell; it is always placed directly over the wall of the pool. When it comes to coping, there are many options that you have to consider. While the most common type of coping is a basic plastic form, this is not always the best style for the look that you are going for. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular coping styles right now.


A style that has made somewhat of a comeback, the cantilever edge is simply a poured concrete that forms a square edge all around the pool. This is a very common coping in commercial pools found in recreation centers and hotels.


Brick is a very popular building material and it has become an even more popular pool coping option. Just like a brick home, brick coping offer many different colors and shapes. This type of coping can be placed around the edges of your pool and worked seamlessly into the concrete to form a smooth surface.

atlanta pool coping

Natural Stone

Natural stone has become the go to option for many modern pool lovers. This material offers earthy colors and really has an ability to blend your pool paradise with your surroundings. Natural stone coping can be made from limestone, granite, or even fieldstone, so the stone that you use is up to you.

Coping is essential to any pool. It adds strength to the structure and it helps bring the total look of the pool together. Be sure to spend some time considering the type of coping that would best fit your home and the vision that you have for your backyard pool escape.