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Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for You

Kick back and relax with outdoor furniture that fits your particular taste and comfort levels.  There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture choices available for you. Be sure to consider:

  • How well does the furniture withstand the elements?
  • Will the furniture be in the sun for a large part of the day?
  • How hot will the furniture be if I sit down on a summer day?
  • Is the furniture kid friendly?
  • What colors and designs are available?
  • Should I be concerned about moisture with rain, dew, and poolside splashing?
  • How much maintenance will be required?
Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for You | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

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All of these questions are very important to ask when looking at outdoor furniture options.  Below are some ideas to get you started on your hunt:

To the Beach – To remind you of waves splashing and beautiful sunsets, consider a beach-themed outdoor furniture design.  You can use wicker, sea shells and natural woods combined with fabrics that are light green, tan or sea foam blue.

Big parties – For those who love to entertain, consider having outdoor furniture to accommodate a lot of guests without over-crowding your entertainment area.  Choose bar stools, lounges, and even large bed-lounges as well as cushioned chairs and tables for dining or socializing.

Dark wood – For the feel of a remote lodge, opt for dark wood or rustic outdoor furniture that surrounds a fire feature.  This provides a cozy setting for intimate gatherings.

Cushions – Consider durable fabrics that can be easily rinsed or cleaned but still have comfort and an attractive design.  Large cushions are always a hit for guests, and you can use numerous small cushions in a variety of ways to decorate around your outdoor patio or pool.

Bar Area – You can have an island tiki bar or a very solid yet friendly bar that allows people to stand or sit on stools depending on their preference.  The bar could be built-in or a stand-alone unit if you like.

Different Materials – There are several materials to choose from, the most popular being teak, redwood, cedar, iron, and wicker.  Create a foundation that is consistent and then add variances of colors where appropriate.

Wheels – Adding wheels to your furniture can help you to organize and re-design on a whim.  Plus the wheels make it easy to move furniture to safety in the event of a storm.