Gunite Pool Construction Process

Phase 1

  • Permits
  • Permits

    Artistic Pool will apply for all the government permits to insure your pool is built in full compliance of Atlanta building codes.

  • Excavation
  • Excavation

    This is the day you’ve waited for! Pool excavation requires heavy machinery and a dump truck to remove any dirt not needed around the pool. Your backyard will now begin to resemble a battlefield. Your landscaping in the pool area and access area will be virtually destroyed.

    The first step is to “mark off” your pool as per the layout drawing we did of your backyard. Let us know immediately if the pool is NOT positioned as you desire. Any lot preparation and tree removal will also be done.

    Preparations, such as fence removal, will also be done to provide access for the equipment to your backyard.

    We will do everything possible to keep the mess to a minimum. But you’ll need to plan some new landscape and irrigation work after the pool is complete. It is possible that we may encounter unusual conditions, such as rock, collapsible soil, or high water table conditions. In such instances, we’ll need to meet with you and discuss the best option, which is likely to add cost to the job.

  • Pre-Plumbing-Steel
  • Pre-Plumbing & Steel

    Plumbing and lighting fixtures that will be built into your pool will be carefully positioned into place. An inspection by a local code inspector must now be made, if required. A crew will set and tie a network of steel reinforcing bars to conform to the shape and contour of your pool.

  • Gunite Application
  • Gunite Application

    Guniting requires large equipment, so be prepared for a concrete truck and some other machinery. This is an exciting process to watch, but be prepared for lots of dust in the air and the noise of a diesel compressor. We will also need an abundant supply of water. Our skilled craftsmen will pneumatically apply the gunite over the steel to form a single piece gunite shell that will provide the structural strength for you pool…a structure that will endure a lifetime! The crew will trim out the final shape of the pool and “cut-in” such features as steps & benches.

Phase 2

  • Installation
  • Tile and Coping Installation

    Our tile installers will now arrive and set the ceramic tile that YOU selected around the water line perimeter of the pool. Top border coping that you have selected will also be installed, giving your pool an attractive, safe and durable edge. Accent tile (except for colored plaster or Pebble Tec finishes) will be installed as agreed.

  • Pool Plumbing
  • Pool Plumbing

    A crew will dig trenches for the circulation piping system and install the multiple plumbing lines that run between the pool and the filter system. The plumbing system will be pressure tested and inspected.

  • Equipment
  • Install Filtration Equipment

    Your pump and filter system will now be set in place and connected to the plumbing. Other equipment included in your contract, such as automatic chlorinator, automatic cleaner, and heater are also installed at this time.

    If your pool has a heater, a gas line from your gas meter must also be installed and inspected. We will coordinate with the sub-contractor if this is not part of the contract and you will pay him directly.

Phase 3

  • Inspection
  • Electrical Rough-in, Bonding & Inspection

    An electrician will install the electrical for the underwater lights and provide a safety bonding around the pool. All electrical wiring work must be inspected by a local government electrical inspector prior to any decking being installed.

  • Walls-Raised-Bond
  • Retaining Walls & Raised Bond Beams

    Footings will be dug and poured as required. Concrete block with brick or stone as specified will be installed. Upon completion these walls will be back filled.

  • Equipment
  • Install Decking Form Boards

    Now, you can more realistically see how your pool will look in your backyard. It’s time to grade for your decking and install proper drainage. Many of our agreements allow for YOU to alter the decking shape and size at this time, as you can more easily visualize how you may now want your deck.

    If you want to alter your deck from the original plan we can meet with you, revise the plan and advise you of any additional costs.

  • Decking
  • Install Decking

    Be sure you are satisfied with the layout of the decking BEFORE the material is installed. With concrete decking, adequate expansion joints or saw cuts are installed to help prevent “cracking and chipping” of the concrete as it ages.

    Be sure NO ONE walks or touches the deck until it has cured for 24 hours.

  • Final Clean Up
  • Final Clean Up

    A crew will return to do any necessary final clean up.

Phase 4

  • Preparation
  • Plaster (or Pebble Finish) Preparation

    We will prepare your pool for the final finish by pumping out accumulated rainwater and cleaning out construction debris. All pipe and electrical fittings will be grouted and the tile cleaned.

  • Fill with Water
  • Plaster (or Pebble Finish) Pool & Fill with Water

    It’s now time to cover the Gunite with the interior surface you have selected (plaster or pebble). Crews will mix up, trowel and finish the surface. When completed, we’ll begin filling your pool with water.

    During this important time, we will need your help. We will need you to watch the water level and turn it off when it reaches the midway point of the skimmer opening. Then call us so we can schedule someone to start up your system.

  • Filtration Equipment
  • Start Up Filtration Equipment

    After the pool is full, we will return within a couple of days, install your automatic cleaner, and start up your pool pump and filtration system. We’ll inspect the system for proper operation and be sure everything is performing at its best.
    We will install the initial balancing chemicals in the pool.

  • Pool Care-Operation
  • Instruction Session for Pool Care and Operation

    One of our experienced staff will meet with you and give you personal instructions on how to care for and operate your pool. Be prepared to ask questions. We want you to have as much knowledge as possible. The more YOU know, the easier you will find it to care for your pool.