Spruce Up Your Pool Deck with These Easy Planter Tips

Create additional interest in your outdoor living space by sprucing up your Atlanta backyard pool area with potted plants. Potted plant arrangements are an ideal solution because they can be easily changed based on your tastes and can be moved as needed.

Spruce Up Your Pool Deck with These Easy Planter Tips | Artistic Pools Atlanta Georgia

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Here are some great tips for creating potted plant arrangements around your pool:

Complement the Pool’s Design Features

Consider your space and the shape of the pool. Basic rectangular pools lend themselves to simple topiary style arrangements placed in planters at the corners and at midpoints along the perimeter. Curved or kidney shaped pools are well accented by planters placed on the curves.

Choose Your Look

Depending on the look you are attempting to achieve you can opt for simple pots or urns filled with a single flowering shrub or opt for a more elaborate approach by mixing a taller topiary surrounded by greenery and flowering plants.

Consider Your Climate

If you live a very arid climate, consider using cacti varieties that thrive in your climate. You will also want to consider the amount of sunlight around the pool. This will help you determine which plant varieties will be successful in the area and require the least amount of maintenance, providing you more time to enjoy your outdoor living area.

Think About Safety and Maintenance

Potted plant arrangements are a beautiful addition to any pool area, but you will need to think about how their placement will affect safety and maintenance. Large and sturdy planters will be difficult to move and may be difficult to work around when pool maintenance is required. You may want to consider placing potted plant arrangements on casters for easier mobility during maintenance or if additional room is needed for entertaining around the pool’s edge.

Another concern when it comes to maintenance is when the plants begin to lose leaves or blooms. If you select plants that lose their leaves or blooms, be prepared for that debris to fall into the pool, creating a need for additional cleaning of the pool and filter system. Consider low maintenance options like evergreens and cacti that do not create a lot of mess. Visit http://hanover-cleaning.com/carpet-cleaning/ and get professional cleaning services.

Whether you desire a Grecian inspired getaway or a tropical oasis, you can create the look you want by following these great tips for creating potted plant arrangements around your pool. Good luck!

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