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Make Your Atlanta Pool Safe with These Attractive Pool Enclosure Options

One of the most important aspects of owning a pool is learning how to make your pool safe with a pool enclosure. Instead of spending hours worrying about young children, pets, and neighborhood critters (i.e. squirrels, raccoons), falling into the pool and drowning, invest in a pool enclosure.

Make Your Pool Safe with These Attractive Pool Enclosure Options | Artistic Pools Atlanta, Georgia

Credit: Archiexpo.com

Not only will you make your pool area safer, but you’ll keep the pool free of leaves and other debris, keep the rainwater out, and keep the water warmer, giving you the potential to extend your swimming season. You’ll get a watertight seal while minimizing the amount of generated heat that is lost. Some pool enclosures even allow pool owners to generate solar energy.

It is important to keep in mind that whether you own an above ground or in-ground pool, you can make your pool safe with a pool enclosure. There are multiple options for both types of pools with something for everyone.

As you preview pool enclosure options, consider the size of your pool and your storage capacity. Some enclosures are suited for smaller or larger pools while other enclosures are more versatile. Additionally, think about where you will house your enclosure when you’re not using it. Some enclosures can be disassembled when they’re not in use but still take up sizable space.

While many pool owners do not mind the task of opening and shutting an enclosure, other pool owners would rather purchase motorized pool enclosures. These enclosures enable you to cover and uncover the pool with a simple turn of a key.


Some removable pool enclosures are low to the ground while others are curved with supportive poles on one side. They are often able to cover up pool steps and other extra features. Many removable enclosures are easy to take apart and store when not in use.


Some sliding pool enclosures can slide in either direction. Other enclosures can only slide one way or the other. Some models also have the option to be opened from the middle. There are specific models that can be used as sliding or semi-sliding enclosures. With seamless panels, you’ll have ease of operation and heightened security during foul weather conditions.


Telescopic pool enclosures offer a combination of cutting edge technology with subtle charm. Their elegance and discreet nature appeals to many pool owners. There are semi and full models available. Telescopic enclosures blend in seamlessly with their surrounding environments.